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It is our mission to offer our customers the best tasting and highest quality produce in a family friendly environment. We’ve gone to great strides to select strawberry varieties that help us meet this mission by experimenting with different varieties to select those that thrive in our particular soils and weather conditions.

Typically we offer mid season varieties of berries. Being near Lake Michigan will delay our picking a bit from patches further inland, but it’s our opinion that these varieties produce better berries than the early season varieties. Typically our picking season starts in the second week of June.

Over the years, we’ve also experimented with offering other kinds of produce. Sweet corn is usually available in season on our self serve stand. Since we are fortunate to have our own sugar maple woods, we also have a very limited supply of maple syrup made right here on the farm.


Plenty of blooms in early spring mean loads of delicious strawberries to come.


Favorable conditions and a lot of hard work help yeild a crop of beautiful, locally grown, sweet and juicy strawberries.


Someone got to this bottle of Berryville Farm 100% pure maple syrup before it could be photographed. (I confess to nothing!) To see how Norm makes his delicious syrup, check out this Blog.


Is there anything better than fresh Wisconsin sweet corn when it is in season?

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